Bali – The Island Of A Thousand Temples

The Indonesian island of Bali is highly popular with tourists from all nations. The pleasant climate, friendly people and lovely scenery are main explanations why so many people adore the position yet Bali additionally has to provide on the cultural point. In contrary to this mostly Muslim people of Indonesia, the largest portion of the Balinese population is Hindu. Influences of this religion are observed across the island. One of the best cases with the influence are seen in the several temples (pu-ra ) from Bali. The island is hence called the island of a million temples thirukadaiyur temple.

Different Forms of temples

Temples exist in many distinct shapes and sizes and function several distinctive functions. You will find house woods, family members temples, temples within the design of the village, temples in temples, temples which honour rice fields or even honour turtles. Because with this motto maybe not all temples in Bali are alike very important. Most of those temples have been used solely by locals while some have become popular attractions.


There certainly are a lot of similarities between your 1000s of temples. They truly are always built on a floor extending from the ocean to some mountain while the very sacred portion of the temple developed nearest to the mountain. Generally, the temple consists of 3 parts: front portion, a courtyard along with the inner sacred part. This section contains shrines for

to the important gods and it is therefore usually unavailable for vacationers. Additionally, it is frequently called a non invasive Hindu to cover your own legs using long pants or a traditional sarong should you want to enter a sacred temple. Women that have their period are additionally not allowed to enter the temple grounds. The most standard split gate into the temple signifies the cosmic mountain that’s divided by the positive powers of the world. Each and every 270 days, the birthday of a temple is to be most celebrated with a temple festival owned by the community Balinese local community.

Kahyangan Jagat

The principal temples of this island would be exactly the so-called Kahyangan Jagat temples. Because of the beautiful structure, often enormous dimensions and distinctive location that these will be typically the most popular temples on the list of travelers. These temples, which guard the island from bad spirits, therefore are usually the platform for conventional dance performances.

The many temples all over Bali are perhaps not simply beautiful to look at and to see however are likewise a valuable region of the island’s society. The next time you are in Bali usually do not neglect to stop by a couple of those sacred and impressive temples.

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